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The Art of Actually Updating a Blog

The thing about having a blog is that you actually need to update it. This should have been obvious, and yet all signs point to me just finding this out now, over a year after starting.

What a year it’s been, though! I moved into my own place, started my own part-time business, made that part-time business full time, and jumped headlong into entrepreneurship and freelancing for a living. Suffice to say I absolutely will make big life changes simultaneously, and I like to think that says a lot about me.

Freelancing as more of a fulltime thing is new to me, but I was lucky to have a great first stop at this year’s GenCon in Indianapolis. Aside from being able to spend a week playing games with friends, it was great to connect with other writers, editors, publishers, and freelancers. I learned a ton about the business of writing (taxes, anyone?), and I was able to find leads on some anthologies for future submissions. Since I’ve been writing more flash fiction recently, this was a bonus that I hadn’t fully considered when I went armed with business cards and my (hopefully) winning personality. I’m glad to be considering it now, though, because what I’ve really needed recently is one more thing that I can do instead of editing my novel.

Yes, like most writers that I’ve met, I’m working on a novel, i.e., “cleaning my house, watching old movies, and devouring bourbon ice cream.” Unlike most writers I’ve met, that novel actually started its life as a screenplay or, if we’re being really technical, a flash fiction piece that had almost nothing to do with the novel.

But I think that’s a different story for a different blog post. For now, just know that there’s more writing to come—and on a more regular basis! I’ll be updating this blog more frequently now—and yes, I do have a plan for that—so keep an eye out for news, writing-related ramblings, and snippets of things I’m doing! In the meantime, stay gold.

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